10 Presidents You Probably Forgot to Celebrate on Presidents Day

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10 Tweets About Student Debt That Will Make You Say “Too Real”

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Kevin Meaney Talks Books

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Dave’s Thoughts on Barry Manilow

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Comedian Dave Juskow shares his thoughts on Barry Manilow.

10 Romantic Movies to Watch on Date Night

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Dave’s Thoughts On Leonardo DiCaprio

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Dave Juskow weighs in on Leonardo DiCaprio's latest girlfriend!

Who Said It: Jaden Smith or Jean-Paul Sartre?

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13 Tattoos Which Prove You Should Think Before You Ink

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We gathered thirteen of the most egregiously terrible tattoos from around the web, which are sure to...

10 Hot New Trends You Can’t Miss!

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If you want to fit in with the kids these days, these hot new items are just what you’re looking for...

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